Canada’s Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs)


Prairie Skies Integration Network is one of approximately 80 Local Immigration Partnerships operating in communities and regions across Canada.

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) in all their forms work to improve the successful integration of immigrants in their communities. They convene partners from across key sectors in a city or region. Together, the partners work to strengthen the community’s ability to address the needs of newcomers—and enables them to settle into their new homes. LIPs are funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and can be found in over 80 communities across the country.

Prairie Skies is one of approximately 80 Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) operating across Canada. Canada’s LIP initiative was spearheaded by, and is primarily funded by IRCC.

What is a LIP? Prairie Skies Integration Network Structure
PSIN organizational diagram


The overall objective of the LIPs initiative is to help communities “own” the process of integrating “their newcomers”. Providing backbone support to maintain this collaborative framework in a city or region results in increasingly welcoming communities because of enhanced collaboration, coordination and strategic planning at the community level.


LIP primary objectives are:

  • Systemizing local engagement of service providers and other institutions in newcomers’ integration process
  • Supporting community level research and strategic planning
  • Improving coordination of effective services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration.

LIPs do not deliver services directly to newcomers but rather, play a facilitative role in the community, empowering the development and implementation of sustainable solutions for the successful integration of newcomers that are local and regional in scope.


  • Foster coordination, planning, & delivery of integration services across sectors
  • Build, with their partners, a community-specific structure for collaborative approaches to integrating newcomers
  • Strengthen local/regional capacity to build on community and newcomer strengths and address community and newcomer needs towards effective integration at the community level

LIPs exist to reach the following outcomes: 

  • Increasingly sustainable communities: more welcoming, interconnected, and resilient
  • Improved integration of newcomers and communities
  • Improved ability for the community to address newcomer needs and access newcomer strengths — and vice versa
  • Increased economic, social, political, and civic participation of newcomers



    Funded by: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada